Long Island Tag Sale Company

Tag & Estate Sale Experts

"Let us do the work"

We provide all of the resources to sell the contents of your estate
...Sort...organize...display...stage...research...price and advertise

We do all the work, and conduct the sale....with our staff of highly trustworthy
and knowledgeable employees

We work on a commission basis which will be determined after viewing the

For fast, efficient, professional service..........
Long Island Tag Sale Company is the right choice for the job - Fully Insured

We are happy to work on both the North and South Forks of Long Island as
well as Shelter Island, Nassau County and the Tri-state area.  

Call for More Information:
631-722-3342  or Cell 516-639-9392

Sherron Francis   (Small Holdings Farm)      www.smallholdingsfarm.com

Robert Barker  (Certified Appraiser) email:  rbarker2@nyc.rr.com

Long Island Tag Sale Company
Estate & Tag Sale Service

Fast - Efficient - Professional

Serving the Long Island Area
Long Island Tag Sales
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