Long Island Tag Sale Company
Tag & Estate Sale Experts

We provide all of the resources to sell the contents of your estate
...Sort...organize...display...stage...research...price and advertise

We do all the work, and conduct the sale....with our staff of highly
trustworthy and knowledgeable staff         

We work on a commission basis which will be determined after
viewing the merchandise

For fast, efficient, professional service..........
Long Island Tag Sale Company is the right choice for the job
and we are fully insured

We are happy to work on both the North and South Forks of Long Island,
as well as Shelter Island, Nassau County and the Tri-State area     

Call for More Information:
631-722-3342  or Cell 516-639-9392

Sherron Francis   (Small Holdings Farm)      www.smallholdingsfarm.com

Robert Barker  (Certified Appraiser) email:  rbarker2@nyc.rr.com

Long Island Tag Sale Company
Estate & Tag Sale Service

Fast - Efficient - Professional

Serving the Long Island Area
Long Island Tag Sales
or email us at:      smallholdings@optonline.net
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"Let Us Do The Work"
Robert Barker   (Certified Appraiser)  email: rbarker2@nyc.rr.com